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    Unable to torrent as torrents limit reached

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    Hi why is it that the message "Error: access denied, torrents limit reached" shows up when I try to download something from this site? How do I fix it? Thanks for the help !

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    If you try to download more than 10 torrents at the same time, you may get that message.

    You only appear to be connected to 10, that may include uploads and downloads.

    Sometimes this message can result from an interrupted communication with the tracker, this can be because the internet has gone down between you and us for a bit. The tracker did stop the other day. The best way to correct this is to stop all torrents in your torrent client, wait til it shows 0 connected under your torrent profile here at GT (that may take up to 60 minutes), then restart downloads.

    If you do nothing, and make sure you try to download no more than 10 at the same time (you can seed more than that, this is just about downloads), it will be ok. It is usually a temporary problem.

    If this persists, there may be some problem with the software you use, and you would need to tell us more about that - operating system, browser, torrent client, security software etc.

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