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Thread: Rewrite to SSL

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    Rewrite to SSL

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    I wanted to visit the Site and it looks like the site is offline. You have to rewrite permanent to the ssl version. If help needed, call me.

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    What do you mean ?
    Sometimes i think to myself, why don't you just shut up!

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    I think what he is trying to say is;

    When visiting your site, there is a problem with the SSL Certificate, causing web browsers to believe the connection to the site is compromised. What he is suggesting is that you may need to get a new signed SSL certificate for your website.

    Also, make sure the site is running the latest version of your web server. Both Mozilla and Google have implemented updates to their browsers amid the POODLE vulnerability. They no longer support SSL v3.

    Right now the SSL finger prints from *.gay-torrents.net are as follows:

    SHA-256: E9:19:22:CA:94:D3:68:BB:E0:4C:48:39:9A:FC:84:F9:2B:3C:04:30:E3:66:41:22:38:42:25:F4:8C:4A:13:76
    SAH1: 7B:38:2C:8D:DB:0C:1D:23:E4:47:B8:95:A4:5E:CD:17:10:DE:F7:0A

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