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    Cannot access new account - password issues - account was never activated

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    This is for people who have never completed registration, never had full access to their accounts.

    A number of people are saying that we have blocked their account, or they cannot login. In most cases, registration for these accounts has never been completed. This can be for several reasons:

    1. You used a throwaway email address that expired.
    2. You used a fake email address.
    3. You used a hotmail address.

    When you join GT, you are sent an activation email to complete registration and give you full access. You must read the email and respond to activate your account - only then do you get access to the torrents.

    If you use a fake email address when you register, you will not be able to complete the account registration.

    So - you must register using an email account which you can access. If you do not get the email, check your spam folders. Hotmail email addresses cause problems for many torrent sites - please do not use them if you can avoid it - you may never receive your activation email.

    NB: Do not use the same email address to register a second account. That will also fail.

    You can post in this forum without having activated your account. Please login with your username and password. We cannot help you effectively if you do not do this.
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