I'm a software engineer preparing to launch my own start up business. I have a list of app concepts in the works that's longer than my dick (which is long, btw ) and I'll have to enlist graphic design help on most of them. I'm a proficient code monkey, but I have next to no talent for creating UIs that are visually appealing. Some of the projects I have in mind are targeted at the gay male demographic, some with adult content, so it would be most advantageous for me to collaborate with a designer from within that demographic.

Where better to connect with graphic designers who are gay men that like porn, than here?

If you fit the bill and are interested in taking me on as a client, PM me so we can talk things out. I'm also interested in referrals (i.e.: this sounds like somebody you know who might be interested), so feel free to pass along any leads that you deem worth pursuing.