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    Post Defining "Vintage" Movies

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    I am pretty sure that I posted a similar thread several years ago, but received little-to-no feedback, so I'll give it another go.
    I have become increasingly disheartened with postings in the "Vintage" torrent category, some dating in the early 2000's. Surely we can agree that anything from the 2000's (less than 20 years old!?) or even the 1990's cannot possibly be defined as "vintage" filmmaking.
    Is it even possible to set a definitive timeline for a vintage film?
    I suggest that, for now, the cut-off point for posting in the vintage category be 1985. If 30 years is a reasonable amount of time for something to be considered "vintage", that limit can be changed to 1990 at the start of the next decade (2020), then advanced by 10 years every decade thereafter. In 2030, torrents from the year 2000 may be uploaded; In 2040, the year 2010, in 2050, the year 2020 and so on.
    I'd love to hear what others think. Thank you.

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    I would only consider Vintage to be filmed in 8mm, but thats just me
    I am not sure where to draw a line whats vintage or not.
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    Well from other interests (clothing, cars, etc.) Vintage is anything 20 years old or older. However with the speed at which technology has changed anything from 10 years ago in video looks vastly different than stuff being recorded today. So for me anything earlier than 2000 would probably be considered "vintage" without much of a fight.

    However, it really doesn't matter much what you or I think should be vintage, unless we have someone to police the Vintage section of the torrents. When the person that does the upload feels it's Vintage, unless it's obviously miscategorized, it's most likely going to stay in Vintage. Not to mention getting an actual "Filmed On" date compared to the "Re-Released" date and no date available, etc. Putting in a cut off date would be an exercise in futility.

    I certainly understand your frustration. For me it's when the uploaders categorize the film as "Twink" and the actors are all in their (very late) 30's. Or when the studio or reviewer (usually a fake review) describes the film using "boys" and "twinks" and again everyone is 30-40 years old.

    It's also like requiring certain tags to be included (as they do on another site) in every upload. Unless you have the staff to review every single upload, you can't really enforce it.

    Still, it's a good idea, just not one that I can see ever being feasible.

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    I would go with Dracula, the other definitions seem a tad extreme (for me).

    While anything on 8mm is likely to be vintage, it surely can't be the final word. Likewise, the mid-80s.

    When I post I reckon anything more than 20 years old is probably vintage. It certainly is to those who know only SC, CF or staxus

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