A little backstory because not everybody knows the origins of there fetishes.

I am 6f5 260 pds and a little on the tubby side and i love topping twinks however sometimes i like when i get topped by a twink. So one day i was on jack'd which is frequented by a lot of Asians for some reason in my city. I invited this cute little like 5 ft Chinese boy over for shenanigans and things got going on my couch pretty quick and he fucked my brains out on the couch like 3 times. Then same place another guy who i think was Korean came over and did the same. This began my getting hammered by or watching porn of Asian twink tops.

I have found like tubby guys getting plowed on things like x tube and stuff but i want to find Asian twinks drilling ether white or other races other than Asians and i want them topping is there a place thats a pay site where this is the focus or can somebody upload a catalog or something.

Jerking off is easy but finding quality Asian interracial porn of twinks going to work on other races is dope.

Thx in advance