So here a little info about the process why this password issue is occurring to you:

Almost one year ago we switched from SMF to vbulletin.

Because the system is different and the passwords are stored different in both systems
i created a SMF password Fix for our database(s).

Yesterday i disabled this plug in for this site and was confident that you guys would
remember your own password and still be able to log in.
That may be the case but if things break you can now reset your password on your own
without interference of site staff.

What would happen if i did not code that password fix when we updated?
1. the site would have to send 2 emails for every member !!
2. blocked by some providers for sending spam (!!)
3. the email server would overload and send nothing at all

I am definetly convinced that we work something out
if you have lost your account because you did not have that email anymore
we can just update your email and you are back.

have faith..