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    Unable to retrieve my username and password

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    Hi there,

    I sent a message last night but on reflection, there was probably too little information for you to be able to help me and so I hope I'm not being too annoying by resubmitting but with a bit more information to help.

    About a month ago, my computer system crashed and as I am an idiot who didn't backup my system, I had to reinstall Windows and start from scratch.

    I came to log in last night and I can't remember my username or password. I had thought my username might've been LawrenceOz but I can't be certain. I know that I would've registered on the email xxxxxxxxxxxx.

    I used the details retrieve option last night however no emails came through. I have had an account for many years, and looking at the posts I can see that there has been some changes in the email system so I wasn't sure if that may have been the cause of it.

    I'm really keen to gain access again as this is easily the best site for this sort of content so I'm hoping you can help me and I apologise again for the barrage of attempts/messages.

    Thanks for your help and for keeping this awesome site going.

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