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    How to search for full name of pornstar

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    My question is how to do a torrent search, but with the full name of a pornstar, not just the first or the last name.
    Eg : Looking for "Gabriel Cross" porn, I want to only have the results for "Gabriel Cross" combined and not results for "Gabriel" alone and "Cross" alone.
    Sorry for my english, I am european.
    Thanks in advance xx

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    Your English is excellent.

    *** Extended Torrent Search help & guidance can be found: (HERE) ***

    To get better answers, ask better questions.

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    Actually if you search for "Gabriel Cross" (just as you typed it) in the Extended Search text box you get the result. You were there already

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    Just as easy to use:

    +Gabriel +Cross

    You can use that for other terms that are not next to each other in the result. or where there might be extra spaces etc between word.. Just put a + in front of any term that must be in the result.

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