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    Getting the actual torrent files instead of torrentdetails.php files

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    So recently, as in the last week or so, I have been having issues where the Get Torrent button does not download the torrent, but instead tries to download/save torrentdetails.php file constantly.

    I used to see this problem every so very rare often, but I could bypass it by either trying the Get Torrent button a second time, or by downloading the text file.

    I am NOT able to do this bypass any longer, which leaves me unable to actually do the torrents... i can only get the dang torrentdetails.php files.

    A current example of a working torrent page for me is for the Bel Ami - Better To Be Good recent release, and a non-working one is LatinLeche - Numero 51.

    I am using Chrome (latest), on Windows 10.

    Any ideas?

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    This is usually a combination of some mismatch between your operating system, browser, and torrent client.

    You seem to be using a normal torrent client - is it an up-to-date version? We did have specific problems with some versions of uTorrent and BitTorrent, but that was many years ago now.

    The two torrents you mentioned were both made with the same torrent client and version.

    Chrome can be sensitive - I'd suggest you try clearing your browser cache and trying again, but I can't otherwise see why this might be causing you a problem.

    One thing you can try for now is to press the download as text button, save it to your system, rename it with the .torrent extension, and add it to your torrent client manually.
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