I am pretty sure that I posted a similar thread several years ago, but received little-to-no feedback, so I'll give it another go.
I have become increasingly disheartened with postings in the "Vintage" torrent category, some dating in the early 2000's. Surely we can agree that anything from the 2000's (less than 20 years old!?) or even the 1990's cannot possibly be defined as "vintage" filmmaking.
Is it even possible to set a definitive timeline for a vintage film?
I suggest that, for now, the cut-off point for posting in the vintage category be 1985. If 30 years is a reasonable amount of time for something to be considered "vintage", that limit can be changed to 1990 at the start of the next decade (2020), then advanced by 10 years every decade thereafter. In 2030, torrents from the year 2000 may be uploaded; In 2040, the year 2010, in 2050, the year 2020 and so on.
I'd love to hear what others think. Thank you.