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How do I download the videos?

First, click the Torrent link in the site navigation. They are on a separate site that uses the same account information as this one, so you will need to log in again, but you will not need to re-register.

Next, find a torrent that interests you and select it. Click the Download as Torrent button and open the resulting file in your torrent client.

The torrent client will download the actual video file for you. If you do not have a torrent client already, we recommend ĀµTorrent.

Are there any ratio requirements?

No. We do not have a minimum ratio requirement at this time.

P2P etiquette demands that you upload at least as much as you download, but it is not strictly required at this time.

Please also be aware of our torrent cap rule at the site rules here: We ask you not to download more than 10 torrents at once (you can seed more than that when you have completed them).

How many torrents can I connect to at the same time?

The system will limit downloads to no more than 10 at the same time. You can seed more than 10 according to your system's limitations. Check the Torrent Cap rule in our site rules here:

Is there any banned content?

How do I upload/post a torrent?

A quick-start guide has been posted in our How to forum.

A more detailed guide has been posted in our Guides & Guidelines forum. .

What tracker url should I use to upload?

GT is a private tracker. Only one tracker url should be used in each GT torrent, this is added by the uploader when he creates the torrent file. Torrent downloaders have no need to set this.

Uploaders should use one of GT's two following tracker urls:

For all torrents: porn and everything else:

What is a passkey?

Each account has a unique "passkey" that I identifies each member, so that GT's private tracker can monitor your uploads and downloads. It is unique to you and you cannot set it manually - it is used automatically by the system: members never need to use it anywhere themselves.

However, you can reset your passkey.

How do I reset my passkey?

First, go to and generate a new passkey.

Then you must delete your existing GT .torrent files from your torrent client, download fresh .torrent files from GT, and load these new torrents into your torrent client (the old ones will stop working immediately on resetting your passkey).

What is Freeleech?

Freeleech is a way of making torrents download without affecting your statistics - "for free" - but the amount you seed or upload will still be count towards your ratio. It helps people who have poor internet connections, even though GT has no ratio requirements at all.

Freeleech torrents usually have [FL] in the title, but there is also a Freeleech status line in each Torrent's page.

If you want to search for just Freeleech torrents, there is a button at the bottom of the main torrent page "Freeleech Only". Select that and then "Go". If you want to show all torrents, uncheck that box.

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