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How do I close / delete my account?

Please send a private a message to glenrussell or Irrumator with the reason for your request. We may request a confirmation from you as well.

We do not delete accounts for people who have only been members for a few days or months and just come to raid the torrents. Do not even ask. Just do not log in... If your account has a bad ratio and you have not been a member for long, then do not expect an Administrator to delete it.

Account deletion cannot be reversed. If you wish to return at some point, consider parking your account instead.

How do I park my account?

We regularly delete inactive accounts. Parking your account prevents this from happening, even if you are inactive for an extended period of time. To park your account, send a private message to a glenrussell or Irrumator.

How do I unpark my account?

Post your request at A site administrator should reactivate your account within 48 hours.

How do I change my username?

Send a PM (Private Message) to a glenrussell or Irrumator. Include your desired new name, as well as an alternate if your first choice is already taken.

How do I invite people to join?

Give them the site URL:

We do not require a credit card for account validation, though you must provide a valid email address that you check to activate your account after registering. Note: if you use a fake email address, your registration will never complete.

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